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Baden-Powell (/ˌbdən ˈpəl/) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:


  • The Rev. Prof. Baden Powell (mathematician) (1796–1860), mathematician, clergyman and liberal theologian. His surname was simply POWELL; his first name, Baden, came from his father's father's mother's mother's maiden name, and was often used as a first name in the family. After his death, his widow adopted, for her and his children by her, the hyphenated surname Baden-Powell.

By his first marriage father of the following:-

His second marriage was childless. By his third marriage he was father of (among others) the following (following his death in 1860, his widow changed the family surname from Powell to Baden-Powell in his memory):-

Following the world-wide fame of 1st Lord Baden-Powell as a result of the defence and Relief of Mafeking (1900-1901), many babies were given his name, particularly among un-related POWELL families, and some adopted the hyphen as well - see for example the middle two of the entries below. A family tree of THAT line is on-line.[1][2]

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