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Bagal (Hindi: बागल) Religion:-Hinduism Caste :- Maratha.Also found in jammu(jammu and kashmir), Punjab and Himachal Pradesh states of India. Bagal belongs to Rajput caste and are rarely found as the numbers are very less. In jammu they pronounce it as "bogal". People from bagal community are known for their 'to do determination' and lion nature.

Bagal (Marathi: बागल) is a Family name in the Maharashtra and Karnataka states of India. Bagal family belongs to "Maratha."

There is a small village named Bagalwadi in Jath Taluka, Sangli District, Maharashtra, India. A few Bagals moved to Nimgul in Dhule District, having roots in Kolhapur.

Some Bagal family also lives in Malkapur near Karad city. Some Bagal family members reside in Yalgud village near Kolhapur, Kasoda Jalgaon district having roots in Nimgul. They also reside in Solapur district, villages including Gadegaon, Kurduvadi, Karmala also some of them lives in jammu in village name Davuj. Most of the families living in these villages are from Bagal family. People belong to Bagal family are mainly involved in Farm work, business and politics. They have been actively participant in the historical moments happened in Maharashtra

Notable Personalities belonging to Bagal family ::

•Late Bhai. Madhavrao Bagal (Social Activist and artist)

•Late. Digambar Bagal (MLA from Karmala district Nationalist Congress Party)

•Shamal Bagal (MLA from Karmala district Nationalist Congress Party)