Bagrat Shinkuba

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Bagrat Shinkuba on a 1999 stamp of Abkhazia
Reverse side of a 10 apsar commemorative coin minted in 2009 featuring Bagrat Shinkuba

Bagrat Uasyl-ipa Shinkuba (Abkhazian: Баграҭ Уасыл-иҧа Шьынқәба; Russian: Баграт Васильевич Шинкуба; 12 May 1917 in Chlou, Ochamchira District, Sukhum Okrug, Kutais Governorate – 25 February 2004) was an Abkhaz writer, poet, historian, linguist and politician. He studied history and languages of Abkhaz, Adyghe and Ubykh people. His novel The Last of the Departed is dedicated to the tragic destiny of Ubykh nation, which became extinct along a hundred of years.

In 1958—1978 he was the Chairman of the Supreme Council Presidium of the Abkhaz ASSR.

According to Jumber Patiashvili, in 1947 Shinkuba sent a letter "to Kremlin, requesting from Stalin and Beria separation of Abkhazia from Georgia and awarding it the status of an independent republic."[1]




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