Mount Bahaya

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Mount Bahaya
Buurta Baxaya
Mount Bahaya is located in Somalia
Mount Bahaya
Mount Bahaya
Highest point
Elevation 2,120 m (6,960 ft)
Prominence 1,598 m (5,243 ft)
Isolation 281 km (175 mi)
Listing only Ultra-prominent peak in Somalia
Coordinates 11°19.57′N 49°44.91′E / 11.32617°N 49.74850°E / 11.32617; 49.74850Coordinates: 11°19.57′N 49°44.91′E / 11.32617°N 49.74850°E / 11.32617; 49.74850
Parent range Fadhisame Mountains

Mount Bahaya (Somali language: Buurta Baxaya, sometimes spelled Mount Bahaja), also known as Mount Karkoor, is the fourth-tallest mountain in Somalia, after the triple-peaked mountains Mount Shimbiris, Mount Surud Cad, and Mount Warraq[1] and the only Ultra-prominent peak in Somalia with a summit of about 2,100 m (6,900 ft). It is located in the northern Bari region, 60 kilometres (37 mi) east of Bosaso, and 20 kilometres (12 mi) southwest of Qandala, close to the Red Sea. The exact elevation is uncertain, being either 2,065 m (6,775 ft),[1] 2,084 m (6,837 ft), or 2,120 m (6,960 ft).[2] According to one 1974 map from the Defense Mapping Agency, it could even be 2,135 m (7,005 ft) in height.

With a prominence of 1,543 to 1,613 meters, it is an Ultra-prominent peak, making it the 74th to 58th most prominent peak in Africa, and the only definite one in the country of Somalia. The taller Mount Shimbiris could possibly be an Ultra-prominent peak as well, with a measured prominence of 1,495 m (4,905 ft). The mountain is highly elongated in a northwest-southeast direction, leading some to list the southern and northern ends as Bahaya and Karkoor, respectively.[3]

Mount Bahaya is the tallest peak in the Fadhisame Mountains, which are in northeastern Somalia. The range itself is a small section of the larger Ogo Mountains, which define the northern Horn of Africa in most of Somalia, and which extend further east, their peaks forming the Socotra Archipelago. Bahaya, along with the surrounding range, is mostly made up of the deeply-eroded remnants of an ancient volcanic chain.[4]


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