Bahía de Todos Santos

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Bahia Todos Santos

Bahía Todos Santos, or Bay of All Saints, is a sheltered bay south of the similarly sized San Diego Bay. The bay is home to the deepwater busy international Port of Ensenada.


Flora and fauna[edit]

The bay serves as a temporary resting stop for the migrating grey whale, who occasionally birth pups offshore, though it is much more common for birthing to occur in the lagoons of the Gulf of California.


The Bay is home to several marinas within Ensenada including Ensenada Cruiseport Village, Marina Coral & Hotel, Punta Morro Resort, and Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort.

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Coordinates: 31°48′N 116°42′W / 31.800°N 116.700°W / 31.800; -116.700