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Bahman Forsi (Persian: بهمن فرسی‎) (1933-) is an Iranian playwright who was born in Tabriz but immigrated to Tehran when he was only four years old. At first he worked for newspapers and wrote several poems, short stories and reviews, and then he started to write plays. His first play was “the vase” (1960). He was under the influence of European absurdist theatre, and therefore tried to use a completely new language in his plays, a language which was so new for Iranian drama in the 1960s.[1]

Some of his plays[edit]

  • The vase (1960)
  • The mouse (1963)
  • Rungs of a ladder (1963)
  • Green in Green (1964)
  • Spring and a doll (1964)
  • Two times two is infinity (1968)
  • Breaking sound (1971)
  • Asylum (1977)

His story collections[edit]

  • In the dog’s teeth (1964)
  • First night, Second night (1964)
  • Twelfth (1991)
  • Free fall (1991)
  • The black rock candy (1992)


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