Baillie Island

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Baillie Island is located in Northwest Territories
Baillie Island
Baillie Island
Location in the Northwest Territories

Baillie Island (Inuit: Utkraluk)[1] is located off the north coast of Cape Bathurst in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The island formed part of the area used by the Avvaqmiut who are a branch of the Mackenzie Inuit.[2]


The first European to discover the island was John Richardson in 1826, who also named it.[3] It was again visited by Richardson and John Rae, while searching the Northwest Passage for Franklin's lost expedition.[2] In 1915, the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post on the island. While the post was being set up, it was visited by competing trader Christian Theodore Pedersen.[4] By the 1920s, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had established a detachment on the island.[5] It was at Baillie Island, in 1928, after returning from Cambridge Bay that Inspector Kemp, the Commanding Officer for the Western Arctic, appointed Henry Larsen captain of the St. Roch.[6]


Coordinates: 70°35′N 128°10′W / 70.583°N 128.167°W / 70.583; -128.167 (Baillie Island)