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Ruoni and Lopchin
Highest point
Elevation 6,882 m (22,579 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,444 m (8,018 ft) [2]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 29°09′57″N 96°43′27″E / 29.16583°N 96.72417°E / 29.16583; 96.72417Coordinates: 29°09′57″N 96°43′27″E / 29.16583°N 96.72417°E / 29.16583; 96.72417[2]
Bairiga is located in Tibet
Location in Tibet and China
Bairiga is located in China
Location in Tibet and China
Location Tibet, China
Parent range Kangri Garpo
First ascent unclimbed
Easiest route snow/ice/glacier climb

Bairiga (Chinese: 白日嘎; pinyin: Bái Rì Gä) or Ruoni (Chinese: 若尼峰; pinyin: Ruò Ní Fēng) (6,882 m) is the highest peak of Kangri Garpo Range of southeast Tibet. The region has only recently been explored[3] and before 2009, none of its 47 peaks above 6,000 m had been climbed. Bairiga / Ruoni, which remains unclimbed itself, was photographed for the first time in 1933 by the botanist explorer Frank Kingdon-Ward, at which time it was known as Choembo. [4]

In 2009, a Sino-Japanese joint climbing team formed by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Kobe University organized an expedition to climb Kangri Garpo II or Ruoni Ⅱ (6,805 m).[5][6] On November 5, Deqing Ouzhu and Ciren Danda, Tibetan students with the CUG, were the first to reach the summit, while Koichiro Kondo and Masanori Yazaki scaled the peak two days later. In consultation with a local village leader Kangri Garpo II was renamed Lopchin (Lopchin Feng in Tibetan, Lou bu qin in Chinese), meaning "white male hawk".[7]

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