Bake, Chongqing

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Bake Town
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Simplified 八颗镇
 • Traditional 八顆鎮
 • Pinyin Bake Zhen
Bake Town is located in Chongqing
Bake Town
Bake Town
Location in Chongqing.
Coordinates: 29°54′05″N 107°01′30″E / 29.90139°N 107.02500°E / 29.90139; 107.02500Coordinates: 29°54′05″N 107°01′30″E / 29.90139°N 107.02500°E / 29.90139; 107.02500
Country People's Republic of China
City Chongqing
district Changshou District
 • Total 99.25 km2 (38.32 sq mi)
Population 46,000
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code 401225
Area code(s) 023

Bake Town (simplified Chinese: 八颗镇; traditional Chinese: 八顆鎮; pinyin: Bake Zhen) is an urban town in Changshou District, Chongqing, People's Republic of China.

Administrative division[edit]

The town is divided into 15 villages, the following areas: Bake Village, Fengsheng Village, Shima Village, Shuguang Village, Wuhua Village, Xingfu Village, Shuijing Village, Hetao Village, Xinqiao Village, Gaoxin Village, Meiman Village, Fuhe Village, Luping Village, Zitong Village, and Gantan Village (八颗村、丰胜村、石马村、曙光村、武华村、幸福村、水井村、核桃村、新桥村、高新村、美满村、付何村、鹿坪村、梓潼村、干滩村).

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