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Balambika (Deity) (also known as "Bala") is a goddess of the Hindu religion, usually found in South India. Her name means "Goddess Of Knowledge", or "Child Goddess".[1]

Balambika's description appears in her sacred text the Balambika Dasakam. She is also pictured[2] as having four arms and a red circle on each palm. She holds what looks like a gold bar and a necklace with two of her arms. Balambika is considered a child, and acts as one, but is said to bring true knowledge, education, wisdom, power and prosperity for a better life.[3] She is sometimes called the goddess of children, and therefore, her temple was constructed to be devoted to children.


“Aiym Kleem Sow. Sow, Kleem, Aiym. Aiym, Kleem, Sow."[4]

"Aiym" stands for learning.

"Kleem" stands for magnetic attraction.

"Sow" stands for prosperity.

This simple three word moolamantram is considered to be the solution to all modern worldly problems.[3] When you chant this moolamantram, Balambika is said to instantly be around you. When you recite her name, "Bala," she will be listening to what you say at all times.


Balambika has a temple in Ariyalur. It is around 1000–2000 years old. There are sculptures on the walls that show the story of Karkodga performing Shiva Puja (Worship of God Shiva) with Lord Vinayaka and Nandi.[5] It is said that people of the Cancer zodiac sign should pray here for relief.[5]

Festivals celebrated:

Festival Time
Pradoshams Monthly
Tamil New Years Day April 14
Aadi Pooram July–August
Vinayaka Chaturthi August–September
Navarathri September–October
Aipasi Annabishekam October–November
Margazhi Tiruvadhirai December–January

Sacred text[edit]

Her sacred text that describes her is called the Balambika Dasakam.[6] This text uses the phrase "Who is" or "Whose is" to describe Balambika or what she has. Every line also beings with "Please shower a merciful glance at me, Oh Balambika." Originally written in Sanskrit, it was translated below by P.R.Ramachander:

1.Velathi langya karune vibhudhendra vandhye,

Leela vinirmitha charachara hrun nivase, Mala kirreeta mani kundala madithange, Balambike mai nidehi Krupakadaksham.

Please shower a merciful glance at me, Oh Balambika, Who is blessed with limitless mercy and saluted by the Lord of heaven, Who lives in the heart of moving and non moving things , who weremade by her as a sport, And who is decorated by garlands , crown and gem studded ear globes.


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