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Balasun is one of the main river of North Bengal and Darjeeling District which starts from the Jorepokhari, Sukhia(Which is about 18 km from Darjeeling town) and flows towards the south east into the plains of North Bengal, where it joins the Mahananda River. The Balsun Passes between the valley of Pokhriabong,Dhotreia T. E, Nagari Fram T. E, Moonda Kotee T. E(which is 8 km below Sonada Town) Balasun T. E, Ambootia T. E and some other places.Above the river Balasun we can find numerous cultivation of Ginger, Cardamom, Oranges and other regional crops. The name Balasun is coined from Lepcha's word.The river Balasun attract local visitor by variety of fish and the visiting point called Intake, Pulbazar in Malat through which water is carried over the Darjeeling Town.The best time visit Balasun River starts from March to May however we can go there in the month of October to February but have to compromise with her nasty cool.[1]

Gravels and sands of Balasun river is considered as one of the best quality for construction of houses not only that the river Balasun has great significance for fertility of the soil in the region of Terai like in Bungkulung, Dudhia, Panighatta, Nakxal etc.


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