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Baleno Holdings Limited (Chinese: 班尼路; pinyin: bān ní lù) is a Hong Kong clothing brand sold in Asia. It is one of the most successful fashion brands to expand into China since opening up its retail markets.[1]


A Hong Kong-listed textile company called Texwinca acquired the Baleno trademark and formed Baleno Holdings Limited in 1996. It expanded rapidly into China, becoming one of the most famous brands there, with 535 shops by 2003.[1] An academic study credited its success to affordable prices, mass appeal, design and good quality.[1]

Texwinca currently operates approximately 5,000 stores, with key markets in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and the Middle East.


Andy Lau has been a model for the Baleno label since at least 2003, and was featured in the Voice of Baleno 10th Anniversary concert at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 5, 2006. Faye Wong has also been a model for the brand; Baleno was Title Sponsor for her December 2003 concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum, and she modelled their collection for a 2005 calendar.[2]


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