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Privately held company
Industry Small kitchen appliances
Founded 1954
Headquarters Mettlen, Switzerland
Key people
CEO Erich Eigenmann
Products Immersion blenders
Number of employees
55 employees
Footnotes / references
100% Made in Switzerland

Bamix, ESGE Ltd. is a Swiss company, which is active in the sector of electrical kitchen appliances and which was founded in 1953. It produces the Bamix, a hand-held blender. The same appliance is called "ESGE Zauberstab" in Germany. Furthermore, ESGE Ltd produce also appliances which are cobranded. The models are Mono, Classic, DeLuxe, SwissLine, Superbox, Gastro and SliceSy. The company name results from the names Gschwend and Spingler, the founders of the original company, founded in Germany during the Fifties.

Bamix is distributed in more than 40 countries with mainly exclusice distributors. In Germany the brands runns under the brand ESGE Zauberstab.


Bamix's current products include a number of different models of their stick blender.

  • Basic (120 Watt)
  • Mono (140-160 Watt)
  • Classic (140-180 Watt)
  • DeLuxe (160-180 Watt)
  • SwissLine (200-250 Watt)
  • SuperBox (200-250 Watt)
  • Gastro (180-350 Watt)

New Products[edit]

  • Bamix Babyline (with recipe booklet to produce healthy baby food, comes with a glass baby food container)
  • Bamix Colorline(available in 18 colours - fresh and fashionable)
  • Bamix Configurator (create your own and unique Bamix online on
  • Bamix Luxuryline (24 carat gold platted kitchen applinances - outstanding)
  • Bamix TO GO (produce in the thermo jug your healthy and fresh smoothies, recipe booklet and thermo jug included)
  • Bamix BBQ (mens choice, best rubbs marinades and sauces for BBQ, recipe booklet and branded apron included)
  • Bamix BAKING (more than 40 recipes in booklet for sweet ans salty pastry - all in one kitchen machine)


1950 the Swiss Roger Perrinjaquet invents an appliance, which is patended on the 6th March 1950 under the section handheld appliances. His wish was to work with this appliance directly in pans on the stove. Bamix, the name of this handheld blender is composed of the words battre and mixer (beat and mix). Without having investors, Perrinjaquet sold the patents to ESGE Ltd, which was producing initially bicycle racks, electrical kitchen knives, watches and small electrical motors. At the end of the Fifties, the company launched the fabrication of the first handheld blenders in serie. At the beginning of the Sixties, several production sites were opened, especially the current head office of the company in Mettlen, in the canton Thurgau. During this period, the daily production amounts to 250 blenders, today it is a number of 2000 blenders. The company is selling nowadays its products worldwide in over 40 countries. 1964 the company was sold to the group General Electrics. The Americans tried to increase the falling sales figures through the reduction of the production sites. The Belgian Walter Bodart purchased the company back in 1971. ESGE Ltd. in Mettlen will be the only site for Bamix.

1986 a management buy out took place to the sirs Gunsch, Rüttiman and Stahl. 2002 the group is sold to the Sirs HansJud and Erich Eigenmann. Erich Eigenmann serves as CEO of ESGE Ltd. since 1 October 2002. Since its inventation, Bamix has changed rarely during the last decennium.[citation needed]
Since that change to focus was on branding and building up new markets to cover all relevant distribution channels in the markets.


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