Bandai RX-78

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Bandai RX-78
Manufacturer Bandai
Type Home computer
Release date July 1983
Media ROM cartridge
Operating system BS-BASIC
@ 4.1 MHz
Graphics 192 × 184, 27 colors
Sound 3× voices (4 octaves) with 1 noise generator
Connectivity Joystick, 1× RF, 1× RCA, ROM cartridge
Predecessor Bandai Arcadia
Successor Playdia

The Bandai RX-78 is a Japanese 8-bit microcomputer manufactured by Bandai. It first appeared in 1983, and employed a SHARP LH0080A (Z80A clone) CPU. It ran at a clock speed of 4.1 MHz, and shipped with 30 KB of RAM. Its 27-color display had a maximum resolution of 192×184 pixels.


The Bandai RX-78 was primarily a gaming machine, with two joysticks included. Software was released on rom cartridge.

19 games for the Bandai RX-78 were released, along with a smaller number of non-gaming titles.

  • Excite Baseball
  • Challenge Golf
  • Excite Tennis
  • Champion Racer
  • Super Mototcross
  • The Wrestling
  • Perfect Mahjong
  • World Card
  • Hamburger Shop
  • Gundam - Luna Tsu no Tatakai
  • Tatakae! Ultraman
  • Zero Fighter
  • Space Enemy
  • Rengo Kantai
  • Sekigahara
  • Space Capsule
  • Cannonball
  • Hitsuji Ya-i
  • Yellow Cab


  • ABC Tango Games
  • Sansu Tsuma Zuki
  • Keisan Enshu Drill
  • Graphic Sugaku


  • Kanji Word Processor
  • Z80 Assembler
  • Music Master
  • Animation Graphics
  • Creative Graphics
  • 3D Graphics
  • Healthy Life

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