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Bandook(2013 film).jpg
Movie official poster
Directed by Aditya Om
Produced by Modern Cinema
PunchTantra Motion Pictures
Starring Aditya Om
Manisha Kelkar
Lochan Singh Yadav
Music by

Nikhil Kamath

Cinematography P. Amar Kumar
Siddharth Kay
Devashish Sarkaar
Edited by Nilesh Gavand
Release date
18 January 2013
Country India
Language Hindi

Bandook is a 2013 Bollywood crime film starring Aditya Om, Manisha Kelkar and Arshad Khan as lead characters.The film is directed and produced by Aditya Om and Mohammed M.K. Sheikh .[1]


Depicts the rise of Bhola Kevat a low cast boatman in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh rising to the unexpected heights of political power. Bandook connects crime and politics, a psychological peep inside the minds of people who use power of gun as a ladder to wordly success, It shows the vast distance covered by human mind from picking a gun to pulling the trigger.


Producer,director Aditya Om revealed he has been working on the script from two years as film is based on political Dons.[2]


  • Aditya Om- Bhola Kevat
  • Manisha Kelkar - Kajri
  • Arshad Khan- Lochan Singh Yadav
  • Ashish Kotwal- Hari Om Tripathi
  • Gauri Shankar- Police Inspector Puttu Tiwari
  • Virendra Singh- Virendra Singh


The music of the film is composed by Nikhil Kamath,Lavan and Veeral.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Tu jaldi bata de" Bandana Sharma,Siddharth Hazarika
2 "Chunaav Re" Rekha Bhardwaj
3 "Shortcut Me Gundai" Altaf Raja,Raju Bhasvar
4 "Mrigtrishna Marusthal(Male)" Jagjit Singh
5 "Up Ki Holi" Nikhil Kamath
6 "Mohe Balam" Tori Dattaroy
7 "Ganga Ki Lehren" Lavan


Justin Rao from The Hitavada gave it one star, and said, "It tries to be everything in the end and loses its own track on which it established itself. The movie has 100 shots of bullets but sadly not a single shot of brilliance."[3] According to Box Office India,Bandook fails completely at boxoffice and termed as disaster.[4]


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