Bangladesh Tariff Commission

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Bangladesh Tariff Commission
Formation28 July 1973
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Region served
Official language
Jyotirmoy Dutta

Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC)[1] autonomous national statutory body that is responsible for placing tariffs on imports, protection of domestic industry, and the prevention of dumping of foreign goods in Bangladesh and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[2][3] Chairman of the Bangladesh Tariff Commission is Jyotirmoy Dutta.


Bangladesh Tariff Commission traces its origin to the East Pakistan branch of Pakistan Tariff Commission, the commission was established on 28 July 1973. The commission is responsible for protection of domestic industry and regulation of import.[2][4] The commission is weak according to its own commissioner.[5] In 2007 it was accused by Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry of failing to stop the dumping of sugar Indian exporters.[6]


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