Bangs & Crashes

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Bangs and Crashes
Bangs and Crashes album cover
Remix album by Go West
Released 1986
Length 66:00
Label Chrysalis
Go West chronology
Go West
Bangs and Crashes
Dancing on the Couch

Bangs and Crashes is a remix album from the band Go West. It was released in 1986.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie.

1."We Close Our Eyes" (The Total Overhang Mix)6:00
2."Man in My Mirror"4:33
3."Goodbye Girl"5:07
4."S.O.S." (The Perpendicular Mix)5:08
5."Eye to Eye" (The Horizontal Mix)5:11
6."Ball of Confusion" (live)6:53
7."Call Me" (The Indiscriminate Mix)6:38
9."Missing Persons" (live)6:41
10."Don't Look Down" (The Stratospheric Mix)6:05
11."One Way Street"4:37
12."Innocence" (The Desperation Mix)5:52