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"Bankim" redirects here. For the Bengali writer, see Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
Bamkin is located in Cameroon
Coordinates: 6°4′58″N 11°29′24″E / 6.08278°N 11.49000°E / 6.08278; 11.49000
Country Cameroon
Region Adamawa
Division Mayo-Banyo[1]
Sub-division Bamkin
  not estimated
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Bankim, M'Bankim or Bamkin is a town and commune of the division Mayo-Banyo in Adamaoua in Cameroon. It is about 95 km from Foumban and 125 km from Banyo The area's vegetation is of shrub savanna type.


Bankim is said to have been founded in 1395 by the local chief Kimi who founded the Tikar kingdom.[2] Eldridge Mohammadou has given a date of 1760 to 1780 as the foundation date for the chiefdom.[3]


Loaiasis is hyperendemic in this area, but is regarded as a generally mild and painless disease...[4] It is reported that about 17% of the population in this area carry HIV/Aids, however the survey is based on urban surveys in the capital.


Bankim is on the main road from Foumban to Banyo. The provincial road (P26) goes from nearby Nyamboya to Ndu via Atta, and Sabongari.[5] There is a post office and a cyber café. Mobile phone coverage is good.

Notable residents[edit]


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Coordinates: 6°05′N 11°29′E / 6.083°N 11.483°E / 6.083; 11.483