The Falcon (film)

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The Falcon
Banovic Strahinja (film).jpg
Directed by Vatroslav Mimica
Written by Aleksandar Petrović (screenplay),
Vatroslav Mimica (screenplay)
Music by Alfi Kabiljo
Distributed by Soundfilm München (1982)
Release date
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian

Banović Strahinja (Serbian Cyrillic: Бановић Страхиња, internationally released as The Falcon) is a 1981 Yugoslavian adventure film written and directed by Vatroslav Mimica based on Strahinja Banović, a hero of Serbian epic poetry.[1] It entered the section "Officina Veneziana" at the 38th Venice International Film Festival.[2]


During the late 14th century Serbia becomes the target of the Ottoman Empire. While the respected Serbian noble Strahinja Banović is out hunting, a Turkish renegade gang burns his castle, kills all of his servants, and takes the young wife of Banović Strahinja. Strahinja begins a long quest to rescue his wife despite everybody else's doubts in her fidelity. Strahinja gathers a posse of scoundrels and goes after the bandits. In the meantime, the Turkish bandit Alija tries to seduce Strahinja's wife Anđa, but she refuses him. However, over a period of time she begins to weaken.



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