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River Banska, Dobrich.jpg
River Banska in Dobrich
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
42°03′48″N 25°33′48″E / 42.0634°N 25.5632°E / 42.0634; 25.5632Coordinates: 42°03′48″N 25°33′48″E / 42.0634°N 25.5632°E / 42.0634; 25.5632
Basin features
ProgressionMaritsaAegean Sea

The Banska (Bulgarian: Банска) is a river in Haskovo Province, southeastern Bulgaria. The river is 37 kilometres (23 mi) long.[1]

The Banska springs out from Sofidzhik Peak in the Eastern Rhodopes. It passes through the villages of Tatarevo, Garvanovo, Klokotnitsa and Dobrich. Between Tatarevo and Garvanovo it forms the Boaza Gorge. The river flows into the Maritsa near Haskovo as a right tributary.[1]

In 1230 the Battle of Klokotnitsa occurred near the banks of the river.[1]

The Banska River is inhabited by a large number of fish species, including the Mullet, Danube Bleak, the Carassius and the Common Nase.[1]


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