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The neighborhood and former village Bansong-dong (반송동) is located in Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea.[1] It is named for the ban-song (Pinus densiflora for. Multicaulis) a small pine tree still plentiful in the area. Encircled by (and encircling) hills north of Mt. Jang (Jangsan, 장산) and away from the famous Haeundae Beach, Bansong-dong has not participated in the economic growth experienced elsewhere in Haeundae-gu. The population of the three administrative dong (Bansong 1-dong, Bansong 2-dong and Bansong 3-dong) which make up Bansong-dong is 59,000.[2]


Coordinates: 35°13′52″N 129°09′09″E / 35.23111°N 129.15250°E / 35.23111; 129.15250