Kiss of Rose Princess

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Kiss of the Rose Princess
(Bara jō no Kisu)
Genre Romantic comedy, Fantasy
Written by Aya Shouoto
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher Viz Media
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Monthly Asuka
Original run June 24, 2008January 25, 2012
Volumes 9
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Kiss of Rose Princess (薔薇嬢のキス, Bara jō no Kisu?) is a manga series created by Aya Shouoto. The manga was published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Monthly Asuka magazine on June 24, 2008. The English translation is released by Viz Media, with the first volume being released on November 4, 2014.[1]


Anise Yamamoto's father gave her a rose choker when she was young, claiming it was a protective amulet and if she ever took it off she would be afflicted by a “punishment”. But after a certain incident which caused the choker to disappear, she received four cards. These cards enabled her to summon Kaede Higa, Mutsuki Kurama, Mitsuru Tenjō and Seiran Asagi, her Rose Rhode knights, who told her that she was the Rose Princess.

As the Rose Princess, she has to obtain Arcana cards which will eventually be used to prevent the Devil’s seal from crumbling. However, collecting all the Arcana cards is no easy feat as there are forces working against her. One of them was a group of people who called themselves the artificial Rose Rhode Knights and they, too, had a contract with an Artificial Rose Princess. This group of people wanted the Arcana cards so as to prove their existence as a true Rose Rhode Knight and Rose Princess.

The real Rose Princess has to clash with the artificial Rose Princess and her dominions during the course of getting the arcana cards, which made her discover secrets she did not even know existed.


Anise Yamamoto (八麻本アニス, Yamamoto Anise?)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano (Drama CD)
A cheerful character who always wore a rose choker which her father gave her. He told her that if she ever took it off, she would be punished. Anise was unable to take it off until it disappeared after Ninufa, a bat-like-creature, bowled her over. After Ninufa scurried away, Anise found that she was holding a Red card. She ignores the fact and runs after Ninufa to get her choker back when a monster attacks. Mr. Itsushi, the librarian, tells her that she must kiss the card she was holding. When she does so, Kaede appears out of the card calling her "master". Anise becomes the Dominion, able to summon any of the four rose knights. However, whenever the knights use their power, they drain the life force from her blood. This causes Anise to believe that becoming the Dominion is her punishment for losing her choker. Although the choker she was wearing only brought Anise in the center of attention, for fear of her father's punishment she begins searching for it with the help of her Rose Knights. Apparently one of her special powers as a Dominion as that she is able to call forth a black whip-like rope filled with thorns to use to beat them into submission, or to collar them (much to the delight of the black and white roses).
Kaede Higa (緋賀楓, Higa Kaede?)
Voiced by: Yūichi Nakamura (Drama CD)
Kaede is the Knight of the Red Rose. At first, he didn't seem to like Anise as he had a grudge against her beating him in the sports festival. He lives in a temple where he has been training since he was a child. Soon he shows that, in reality, he cares deeply for Anise, telling her "whether or not you were the Dominion, I would still..." (implying that he would still protect her). Kaede was also a childhood friend of Seiran and was the most angered as he learned the Blue Rose's destiny as a sacrifice to the seal. He is also called as "mutt" or "dog" by the White and Black Rose. As the series progresses, Kaede shows that he is easily jealous and angered when one of the other knights gets too close to Anise - even Seiran. He is also the only one being called against his will by Anise and also the only one who says foolish words as comfort to her. Kaede also has a bad relationship with the Yellow Rose because of what happened two hundred years ago when the Red Rose became the "True Rose" of the Dominion, which earned the Yellow Rose's jealousy.
Mutsuki Kurama (蔵間無月, Kurama Mutsuki?)
Voiced by: Kenjirō Tsuda (Drama CD)
Mutsuki is the Knight of the Black Rose and has a very dark aura around him. He hardly talks to anyone and is reluctant to accept Anise as his master, referring to her as a wench, and a Missy. He likes the darkness and says that he is not a human, but a "Dark Stalker", which has the power to commune with nature and live longer than humans. Other abilities besides flying are unknown. He has "Search and Seizure" specialties; strings that are controlled by him appear from his fingers and he has an acute sense of smell and perception. He says that he spent many years in solitary slumber, waiting for his master to arrive/resurrect. According to rumors, he puts curses on people and is the head of delinquents. It is implied that he is a masochist when he seems satisfied when Anise smacks him around, and seems jealous of the White Rose when he gets collared by the rose whip. Mutsuki also shows to have feelings for Anise. In chapter 11, he uses his string to keep the Red Rose away from Anise. Despite his brooding demeanor, he also reveals to have forgotten his past and is thereby the last of his race. It is also said that he is "owned" by the White Rose's family. He specializes in investigation and has a mass knowledge of dark magic, due to his unknown past. He has an older brother, Yocteau, who is the Grey Rose - one the "Fake Knights". Mutsuki killed him when his brother lost his sanity when the Devil's seal broke. Mutsuki fights his enemies through his dark strings which are invisible to the naked eye.
Mitsuru Tenjō (天上光琉, Tenjō Mitsuru?)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya (Drama CD)
Tenjō is the Knight of the White Rose and is very handsome and embarrassingly devoted to his duties, and to Anise - which embarrasses her - which makes her the envy of all the other girls in school. He seems deeply popular among men as well - much to Anise' mortification. His special skill lies in healing. It is heavily implied that he's very much a masochist, even going as far as to provoke Anise into slapping him and turning her thorn whip into a collar to drag him to do her bidding. ("I couldn't ask for a better Master, really... Beating me on top of tying a collar around my neck... OH Lady Anise, truly is amazing.") Mitsuru also likes Anise a lot. He even said to Kaede "One day Anise will be mine". Even though he said he was only joking, the serious look in his eyes makes Kaede feel worried.In Ch 37, it turns out that he is blood related with Anise.
Seiran Asagi (浅木晴嵐, Asagi Seiran?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Drama CD)
Seiran is the Knight of the Blue Rose and is not often at school because he is mostly sick. When he is sick, Seiran stays by himself inside the greenhouse filled with roses. Ironically, his illness may be an allergic reaction to roses, as he appears fine when he isn't around them. He specializes in "Alchemy" or "science". He is also very cute, cute enough to be a girl. He is the sacrificial rose that was made in the past to help seal the Devil's Seal. His memories and Kaede's memories about him are not real, so he plans to use his body to restore the seal. In chapter 11, he is saved from the seal. His rose is not found in nature, because they replace the Yellow Rose with the Blue Rose. But even so he cares a lot about Anise. Once he asks her if she would accept his love and when she does not get what he says, he changes the subject about the love potion thinking it might be too soon.
Narumi Itsushi
Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (Drama CD)
Itsushi Narumi is the Classics teacher in Aníse's school, located at a basement library. He was the one who explained to Anise everything about being the Rose Princess. His pet is Ninufa. Often seen talking or scolding Ninufa only, Itsushi does not look like a mage, more of a school librarian. He seems to be scared easily, not daring to go against his former teacher. His outfit is made up of a cloak, shirt, tie, a office pants, and a pair of spectacles. It has been noted that Itsushi keeps his bed hair. He is also Schwartz's former used-to-be apprentice.
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Drama CD)
Ninufa is the pet of Itsushi and the guardians of the Rose Cards. He was responsible for knocking off Aníse's choker, resulting in him finding out that she was the missing Rose Princess. Ninufa has an appearance of a bat, though he can also transform into a dragon. The creature tends to talk in a slang style with the words "da" used regularly and is unusually seen eating at least once per chapter. Among the four current Rose Knights, he is personally closer to Seiran.
Schwartz Yamamoto
Voiced by: Ken Narita (Drama CD)
Schwartz Yamamoto is Anise Yamamoto's foster father and a famed sorcerer, later revealed to be the Silver Rose. He is the one who gave Anise the rose collar with the stern warning never to remove it. Often seen waring western-style clothing such as a vest and coat, he has the appearance of a man with golden hair who wears spectacles. After he took up a job as a school nurse, he is occasionally seen dressed as a doctor.
Schwartz is the main antagonist of the series and his primary goal is to break the Devil's Seal. Cunning and manipulative, he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal At the same time, he is also very overprotective about Anise, even though they are enemies. However, he seems to be afraid of his sister, Cecilia. It is known that Itsushi Narumi used to be Schwartz's apprentice.
Haruto Kisugi
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Drama CD)
Haruto Kisugi is the Yellow Rose Rhode Knight. Although he is a real knight, he has been cast out from the Rose Rhode Knights because of his disappearance during the "Yellow Rose Incident". He was Anise's elementary schoolmate and they were very close before they went to separate high schools. He transferred to Shoubi Academy as part of Schwartz's plan to double confirm Anise's missing choker and at the same time, take revenge on the White, Black, Blue (who took over his place) and especially the Red (who was the previous generation True Rose) Rose Rhode Knight.
Haruto has yellow hair, matching his respective rose color, and green eyes. He usually wears a dress shirt and sweater vest. He is also seen with a earring on his left ear. Haruto is a bit of a sadist due to his past self. He only opens up to Anise as she is the Rose Princess. To the other knights, he is cold (especially to the current Red Rose Rhode Knight, Kaede) due to a spat they had in the past. Haruto was first introduced as a transferred classmate. Recognizing his name, Anise immediately clarified with him whether he remembered her. It turns out that truly, Haruto was her middle school classmate who transferred out. Delighted, Haruto asks Anise out jokingly, claiming that they were 'intimate' with each other last time.
Afterwards, Haruto asks Anise out to a F-1 race event during the weekend. However, Anís had plans with her Knights so she declined. Haruto became stubborn and insisted in she going with him instead of them. So, they decided to have a race, with Kaede competing with him for a race around the school. Haruto, filled with guilt, decides to go into the devil's seal instead, hoping it would redeem himself. He confesses to Anise that he still loves her dearly and hopes to see her 'soon'.
He was mentioned briefly by Schwartz that he is save in Hong Kong. Haruto even wrote a postcard to Anise from Hong Kong to prove to her that he is alive. Haruto came back from Hong Kong, surprising Anise. He bluntly tells Anise that he was sent to capture and kill Anise. He smirks and just as he was about to capture Anise, Seiran managed to use his potions to stop Haruto's action He seemed to be pleased to be how well the Blue Rose is doing his job in his place. He is currently in Hong Kong due to Schwartz saving him from the Devil's Seal at the eleventh hour and teleporting him there.
Idel Suzumura
Idel Suzumura is a pop idol of the group Rhodecia, together with Yakoh Hasuzaki. Their group is popular among high school girls, with their songs topping popularity contests. He was enrolled to Anise' school to help Schwartz check for her choker. He becomes temporary a Rose Rhode Knight in order to save Yakoh Hasuzaki. He also uses ten times more blood of Anise than the other Rose Rhode Knights. Idel has messy Vermillion-colored hair and golden eyes. Idel is the opposite of Yakoh. He is extremely chatty and isn't afraid on voicing out his opinions. Idel appears shadowed as the person who attacked Kaede at the 100m sprint race. He almost got caught by Kaede but managed to fend himself off and escaping before Mutsuki could locate him too.
Idel becomes a full-fledged but temporary Rose Rhode Knight when Anise gets moved by his story. He gets a shock, so does everyone, but Anise compliments him, saying that he is worth of this title. As such, an Orange Rose Card was created for Anise to call him out and when she did, he appeared in his current clothes with an Orange Rose pinned on his clothes. His hobby is games and he dislikes shitake mushrooms.
Yakoh Hazusaki
Yakoh Hasuzaki is a pop idol of the group Rhodecia, together with Idel Suzumura. Their group is popular among high school girls, with their songs topping popularity contests. He was enrolled to Anise's school with Idel. Matching to his Lime Rose, Yakoh has lime green hair. He generally wears a tired or gentle expression. He is usually seen wearing his Rhodecia outfit. Yakoh is Idel's antithesis. Despite being a pop idol, he is very calm and reserved in any situation. In the story, Yakoh thanks Idel suddenly for everything and collapses. He was rushed to the hospital. Schwartz heals him and Yakoh takes a temporary residence at Schwartz's apartment to heal. His hobby is (giving) massages and he dislikes green juice (Idel's specialty).
Mutsuki's older brother despite physically looking like a young child. The reason for this is because he was resurrected from just an eyeball. He possess the power to summon strong demons, but they turn to dust because strain on Yocteau's body is too much. Since his resurrection Yocteau is emotionally unstable and obsessed with his younger brother. In chapter 29 Yocteau crashes a ball for student councils (that Mutsuki, Anise, Kaede, and Seiran were also attending) and causes a blackout which allows Mutsuki a chance to be alone with Anise. After Mutsuki is rejected by Anise, Yocteau offers Mutsuki a collar that will free him from "the thorns of her (Anise's) commands."
The reason why Mutsuki killed Yocteau is later revealed in the final chapters, where Mutsuki grew attached to Anise.
Mikage Hiiragi
Mikage is better known as Cinderella, Ella and Domina Galacta, is the Artificial equivalent of Anise, complete with four Rose Cards, contracting her to four artificial Rose Rhode Knights. In class, Mikage is known to be a quiet and lonely girl, who seems to have an obsession of Kaede. As Domina, she still has her obsession of Kaede, but she is charismatic. Mikage has blue eyes and purple hair. Her hair is tied into to ponytails or braided when she comes to school. Mikage likes to mutter the phrase, " I want him, I want him." which is referring to Kaede, whom she has an obsession with him to the point on thinking of kidnapping him from Anise. She seems to lack leadership skill as she is often bullied by her knights. As Anise was late for class, she was left with no one to partner with except for Kaede.
However, her classmates suggested to partner Mikage and Kaede as she was always alone. So, Anise sabotaged Kaede to become the art muse while Mikage and she drew out Kaede asleep. While Anise ran off in finding Mutsuki. Mikage talks to the sleeping Kaede, saying her words "I want him I want him so badly." and seemingly leans down to kiss Kaede. When Anise returns to where they were situated, Mikage asks Anise to do a favor for her: get Kaede to go on a date with her. At her date with Kaede, she acts as a normal girl, being thrilled on having the chance to go out with the boy of her dreams. Finally, at the ferry wheel ride does she start to give away her true motive.
When the Arcana Cards starts to activate, Mikage pretends to be one of the helpless bystanders and cling onto Kaede's arm to ensure that he does not try to escape from her reach and protect Anise. She screams, claiming that she was afraid on what was happening. Bought in by Mikage's act and being a gentleman, Kaede decides to stay put.
Anise's Mother
Anise's Mother only appears in the flashbacks of Schwartz. It is not known if she is still alive or not. Her name has not been revealed. She looks exactly like Anise, only looking more mature and grown up with a slightly longer and less bouncy hair. She is shown wearing dresses only. It was not said how she meant Schwartz but the two were very in love. She would often run away from the castle she stays at to be with Schwartz. Once, she made her entrance by jumping off a tree and landing on Schwartz. She tells Schwartz that she hates her family because many tried her like a prize because her child, whoever the father is, would become the Rose Dominion Princess, be it a male or female. One day, while the two of them were together, she was forcefully taken away by her family from Schwartz and not seen for a long time. While she was being taken away, she screamed out for Schwartz.
Years later, she reappears at the doorsteps of Schwartz's house, carrying a baby. It turns out that the baby is her daughter and she begged him to take care of her daughter. She also begged Schwartz not to let her daughter know of her true status. After giving her daughter to Schwartz, Anise's Mother was never seen again.


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