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IndustryBar, restaurant, and classic arcade games
Founded2004 in Brooklyn, NY

Barcade is a chain of arcade bars with locations in the northeastern United States and Los Angeles. First opened in Brooklyn in 2004, the venues contain classic arcade games and serve American craft beers.


The first Barcade opened in 2004[1] in a former metal shop at 388 Union Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, and features a combination of vintage arcade games and American craft beers.[2] The company is owned and operated by four long-time friends: brothers Kevin Beard and Scott Beard, Pete Langway and Paul Kermizian (director of American Beer).[3]

The combination of classic video games and craft beer proved successful, and the brand expanded into Jersey City, New Jersey,[4] and the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[5] Barcade later opened two locations in Manhattan, including a location in St. Mark's Place.[6] Over the next two years, locations opened in New Haven, Connecticut[7] and Newark, New Jersey.[8] In the summer of 2017 plans were announced for two new locations that would expand the company to Detroit, Michigan[9] and Los Angeles, California.[10]

Arcade bars have spread throughout the United States over the years and the original Barcade is often credited as one of the originators of the concept.[11]

Barcade registered its name as a federal trademark in 2007, and has successfully defended it in court,[12][13] while also becoming well known for aggressively pursuing any infringements on the mark.[14]


  • In 2008, Barcade was named one of the best bars in America by Esquire magazine.[3]

Notable patrons[edit]

  • A number of world record holders for classic games frequent the Brooklyn Barcade location, including Hank Chien, who set the world record in Donkey Kong with a score of 1,061,700 in March 2010.[15]
  • George Leutz set the world record on Q*bert in February 2013 with a score of 37,163,080 after spending years practicing on the machine in Brooklyn's Barcade.[16]
  • Joshua Lombay set the world record for the 1984 Midway game Timber in June 2013 with a score of 9,767,550 after having discovered the game and playing for the first time at Barcade in Brooklyn.[17]


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