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Front of Can Serra, headquarters of Barcelona Provincial Council

The Barcelona Provincial Council Local Museum Network (Catalan: Xarxa de Museus Locals), also known as Catalonia’s Biggest Museum,[1] is a tool for support and collaboration from and for the museums of the province, which makes available to municipalities a series of services and actions aimed at improving, through the provision of direct services and research into viable formulas for supramunicipal cooperation, the management, conservation and dissemination of heritage and the museum facilities of the towns of Barcelona province. It is managed from the Cultural Heritage Office, which in turn depends on the Department of Knowledge and New Technologies of Barcelona Provincial Council.[2]

It was started in 2001, the continuation of a collaboration effort established by the Local Museum Cooperation Committee, which was founded in 1988 in connection with the preparation for the 1st Conference on Museums and Local Administration. Its main objective is to work as a team toward a dynamic, versatile, pluridisciplinary museum model that is in touch with reality and with the lives of people, making local museums centres of public service that are close and accessible to the people, so that they may become benchmarks in the preservation of identity and collective memory as well as new centres of learning, socialisation, leisure and territorial development.[2]

Museums in the network[edit]

Plaque of the Network at Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer.

In 2013, the network comprised 65 museums or facilities spread over 52 different municipalities:[3]


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