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Map, situation in the north-east of Hamburg around 1800

Barmbek was a village in Hamburg. In 1951 it was divided into the quarters Barmbek-Süd, Barmbek-Nord and Dulsberg in the borough Hamburg-Nord.


The first remaining record of it was in 1271 as "Bernebeke". Since 1946 it is no longer written as "Barmbeck"

Catholic St. Sophia's Church build 1900


House build 1955

near Habichtstraße (Hamburg U-Bahn station)

  • Catholic St. Sophia's Church
  • Evangelical–Lutheran Bugenhagenkirche[1]
  • AK Barmbek clinic
  • AK Eilbek clinic[2]
  • Museum of work
  • Barmbek station[3]


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Coordinates: 53°34′58″N 10°02′28″E / 53.58278°N 10.04111°E / 53.58278; 10.04111