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"Frohbotschaftskirche" church at the "Straßburger Platz", a central square of the quarter

Dulsberg (About this soundGerman pronunciation ) is a quarter of Hamburg, Germany, in the borough of Hamburg-Nord. In the east and the south it borders Wandsbek.


  • 1906: the station "Friedrichsberg" was opened by Hamburg S-Bahn
  • 1910: the second great fire of Hamburg
  • Up to 1951 Dulsberg hill was part of Barmbek


The Dulsberg quarter was planned by the City of Hamburg's Director of Constructions, Fritz Schumacher in the 1920s. After World War II, the buildings were reconstructed using the original outer walls.


"Friedrichsberg" light rail station.

The underground railway was extended in 1962/63 from Wandsbek-Markt to "Wandsbek-Gartenstadt" meeting the stations "Alter Teichweg" and "Straßburger Straße". There was no money for a planned junction at "Farmsen".


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Coordinates: 53°34′54″N 10°03′48″E / 53.58167°N 10.06333°E / 53.58167; 10.06333