Barn Hill Meadows

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Barn Hill Meadows
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Red fescue grass dominant on the site
Barn Hill Meadows is located in East Riding of Yorkshire
Barn Hill Meadows
Location within East Riding of Yorkshire
Area of Search Humberside
Grid reference SE728286
Coordinates 53°44′57″N 0°53′48″W / 53.749139°N 0.896754°W / 53.749139; -0.896754Coordinates: 53°44′57″N 0°53′48″W / 53.749139°N 0.896754°W / 53.749139; -0.896754
Interest Biological
Area 8.6 acres (0.035 km2; 0.0134 sq mi)
Notification 1987
Natural England website

Barn Hill Meadows is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.[1] It is located close to the town of Howden. The site, which was designated a SSSI in 1987, lies on the flood plain of the Old Derwent river. The site is important for its herb-rich, unimproved, neutral grassland. Several of the fields have been traditionally managed for hay and some retain remnant ridge and furrow features. The dominant grasses are red fescue and sweet vernal-grass. There is also an abundance of great burnet, pepper saxifrage and meadow cranes bill.

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