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Barnabas Suebu (born April 29, 1946),[1] also known as Bas Suebu is the Ex - Governor of the Indonesian province Papua for two periods: 1988 - 1993 and 2006 - 2011. He wants to protect the province's forests, and has made plans to declare a moratorium on log exports and recommended that no new logging concessions be granted to timber companies. Suebu appeared on Time Magazine's list of "Heroes of the Environment" October 2007.[2]

Early Life, Education, and Career[edit]

Barnabas Suebu was born on April 29, 1946, in Sentani, Papua, to Bonifasius Suebu and Salomi Monim. Suebu obtained a Bachelor of Laws at Cenderawasih University in 1988. He was also a graduate from Lemhanas (National Defense Institute) in 1984.

He was the chairman of Irian Jaya KNPI (Indonesian Youth National Committee) in 1974–1975, Speaker of Irian Jaya Legislative Assembly (1987–1988), adviser to the Minister for Research and Technology, a member of Congress (1997–2002) and Indonesian Ambassador to Mexico, Honduras and Panama (1999–2002).[3]

Personal life[edit]

Suebu is married and has 6 children.


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