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Barney Klecker (born August 25, 1951) is the United States record holder for the 50 mile ultramarathon, finishing with a time of four hours fifty one minutes and twenty five seconds.[1] This record was set on October 5, 1980 at the AMJA Ultramarathon in Chicago, Illinois. Klecker is a two-time champion of the City of Lakes Marathon/Twin Cities Marathon (1977, 1979) and the Edmund Fitzgerald 100 km (1982, 1986).[2][3] He was also the winner of the first two runnings of the Tallahassee Ultradistance Classic (1982, 1983).[4] Klecker won the 1978 Grandma's Marathon (2 hours 18 minutes and 42 seconds).

Klecker married Janis Horns, another runner from Minnesota who later competed in the marathon at the 1992 Summer Olympics as Janis Klecker.[5] Barney Klecker was and Janis Klecker is an American record holder in the 50 K.[6][7]

Klecker ran track and cross country at the University of Wisconsin–Stout.[8] Barney has 6 children ranging from ages 13–21


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing the  United States
1978 Grandma's Marathon Duluth, United States 1st 2:18:42


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