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Barra is located in The Gambia
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°29′N 16°33′W / 13.483°N 16.550°W / 13.483; -16.550
Country The Gambia
 • Al KaliFormer: Ebrima "Kenbugul" Faye (d. 2014); Present: Alhagi Faye (son)

Barra, traditionally known as Niumi, is a city in The Gambia, located in the district of Lower Niumi.[1][2] The predominant languages of the city are Serer and Wolof.

Arriving at Barra by ferry

Although Mandinka-speaking Africans always referred to the state along the north bank of the Gambia River's estuary as Niumi, not everyone did. For a long time it was called "Barra" in the creolized trade language of the river, and between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries British and French records use "Barra" or "Bar" more frequently than "Niumi".

The city of Barra has an "Al Kali" which is basically the village coordinator who keeps everything in order. The people of Barra go to the "Al Kali", leader of the village, with any requests. The former "Al Kali" of Barra, formally known as Kenbugul Faye, died in September 2014 due to natural causes. He was 92.

Ebrima Kenbugul Faye was the Al Kali of the city for over 5 years and has 28 children.

His son continues to uphold the family name by taking the place of his father. In early 2015, the city of Barra conducted elections for their new "Al Kali" with two candidates. The other candidate was of the Senghore family and was defeated. Alhagi Faye is now the Al Kali of Barra.

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Coordinates: 13°29′N 16°33′W / 13.483°N 16.550°W / 13.483; -16.550