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Web traffic graph illustrating the "Efecto Barrapunto", analogous to the Slashdot effect.

Barrapunto is a Spanish-language Slashdot-like website, founded on 7 June 1999, which is part of a complex social network among Spanish-language websites.[1] In 2006, it was the winner of a 20Blogs Award from the online newspaper 20 minutos, in the category "Mejor comunidad de un blog" (best blog community).[2] The site and its community have also been the subject of both English- and Spanish-language academic research.

The name is derived in the same manner as Slashdot, with the Spanish "http://" pronounced "hache-te-te-pe-dos puntos-barra-barra" and "" pronounced "hache-te-te-pe-dos puntos-barra-barra-barra-punto-punto-com". Barrapunto runs Slash, the open source software used by Slashdot, and materials are published under CC-BY.

Barrapunto was founded by six professionals and teachers in 1999 as a meeting point for the free software community. By 2005 more than half a million comments had been posted and almost 40,000 stories.[3]

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