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The following is a list of 22 BBS door games.


Game Description
Barren Realms Elite[1]
Food Fight[2]
Freshwater Fishing Simulator[3]
Global War[2] Turn-based Risk-like game.
Land of Devastation (1990)[4]
Murder Motel (1989)[5] Murder Motel is a death-match-style door game for bulletin board systems in which the player checks into a hotel and tries to find and kill other players, while eluding death himself.
Legend of the Red Dragon (1989)[2][6][7] LORD is one of the most famous door games, and it includes turn-based combat and quests.
Legend of the Red Dragon II[8] A sequel to the well-known LORD, with very different features including two-dimensional top-down player navigation that required faster connections.
Mutants! In Mutants, characters can walk through maps in different centuries, collecting items, defeating mutants and other player characters, and creating new rooms with special items.
Netrunner The object is to break into computers and steal as much money as you can using a cyberdeck while the host system tries to stop or kill you with ICE.
Nukem A Commodore 64 BBS Game. Take control of one of the ruling countries and destroy the others.
Operation: Overkill II[2][9] The goal is to locate the Overkill commander and exterminate him after surviving and fighting mutants for resources.
PimpWars[10][11] With limited daily interactions, the player seeks to be the first to purchase an expensive pair of sunglasses through prostitution and gambling.
Planets: The Exploration of Space (1992)[2] A simplified multiplayer space trading game involving factions and combat.
Solar Realms Elite (1990)[12] Turn-based game where players control a space empire and try to defeat computer marauders to gain resources, upgrade their realms and weapons, and destroy all the other player realms.
Space Empire Elite (1987)[6]
Tele-Hang (1991) Hangman.
DNDBBS (1990) DNDBBS The Dungeons and Dragons Bulletin Board Service text adventure system
The Pit (1989)[1][6][12][13] Become a gladiator. Earning fame, glory, and gold in The Pit battling for your life.
Trade Wars (1984)[6] (re: Star Trader[14]) The first multiplayer space trading game. It included a complex in-game economy that inspired several future games in the same genre, including Eve Online.
Trade Wars 2002 (1986)[1][12][15][16][17] A popular sequel to Trade Wars that incorporated more features and compatibility improvements for various BBS platforms.
Usurper (1985)[6]
VGA Planets (1991)[18][19]


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