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Memorial plaque to Edelweiss Pirates and Ehrenfeld Group members

Bartholomäus (Barthel) Schink (November 27, 1927 – November 10, 1944) was a member of the Edelweiss Pirates, active in the Ehrenfeld Group (Ehrenfeld is a district of Cologne) in Cologne, which resisted the Nazi regime. He was among the 12 members of that group who were publicly hanged in Cologne by the Gestapo on 10 November 1944. Although they were not tried, the group was accused of killing five people and planning an attack on the EL-DE Haus, the local Gestapo headquarters.

A street in the Ehrenfeld suburb of Cologne, next to the Ehrenfeld S-bahn station, is named after Schink.[1] There is a memorial plaque honoring the memory of all those killed from the Edelweiss Pirates and the Ehrenfeld Group.

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