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The Bartle Hall Pylons are four concrete, steel columunar structures built to support steel cables that suspend Bartle Hall Convention Center above Truman Road and Interstate 670 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. They are approximately 335 feet (102 m) high and are topped by four sculptures that make up the city's skyline.

The "Sky Stations"[edit]

The sculptural elements that crown the Bartle Hall pylons, called "Sky Stations", were designed by artist R.M. Fischer in 1994.[1] Each of the works is made of aluminum and steel, approximately 24x15-feet in diameter, and 20x25-feet in height. They were primarily inspired by the 1930s Art Deco chandelier and decorative design elements throughout Municipal Auditorium, which is adjacent to Bartle Hall.

The "Sky Stations" were placed atop each pillar via helicopter.


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