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Bartosz Beda is a Polish contemporary artist living and working in the United States.[1][2]


Beda has been showing nationally and internationally. He has participated in many group shows in Poland, Germany, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Colombia.[3] He had his solo exhibitions in Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Colombia and forthcoming in United States.[4][5] He is also a founder of Execute Magazine.[6]

Beda was selected for the 2012 Catlin Art Guide as one of the promising emerging artists in the UK.[7] In 2012, Beda was short-listed for Saatchi New Sensations, and won the esteemed Towry Award for the Best of North of England[8] as well as a six-month scholarship to Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.[9]

Beda had solo exhibitions at Galeria Liebre, Spain (2013), BAC Gallery, Colombia (2015), Jackson-Teed, England (2016), and received a fellowship from Fondazione per l'Arte in Rome, Italy in 2016.[10]


Bartosz Beda relocated to Manchester, England in 2008.[11] After graduating with a MA in Fine Art in 2012 from Manchester Metropolitan University,[12] he was awarded a six-month scholarship to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.[3]


  • Hear My Voice by Bartosz Beda (May 2017) ISBN 978-0692855119


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