Basil II of Bulgaria

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Basil II of Bulgaria
Patriarch of Bulgaria
ChurchBulgarian Orthodox Church
Installedc. 1246
Term endedc. 1263
PredecessorJoachim I
SuccessorJoachim II
Personal details
DenominationEastern Orthodox Church

Basil II (Bulgarian: Василий) was a Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the mid 13th century. His name is known only from the medieval Book of Boril where he is listed as the second Patriarch presiding over the Bulgarian Church from Tarnovo, the capital of the Bulgarian Empire.[1][2] Basil II lead the Church in a period of crisis for the Bulgarian state after the demise of the successful Emperor Ivan Asen II (r. 1218–1241).


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Titles of Chalcedonian Christianity
Preceded by
Joachim I
Patriarch of Bulgaria
c. 1246–1263
Succeeded by
Joachim II