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Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a wholesale electric generation and transmission cooperative based in North Dakota that provides electricity to 2.8 million customers in nine U.S. states. The roots of the cooperative go back to 1960 when Leland Olds and ten power suppliers created Giant Power Cooperative. Giant Power was first going to be a generation and transmission cooperative, but to keep electricity cheaper for rural customers, Basin Electric Power Cooperative was started in 1961. Today, Basin Electric's power sources include coal, natural gas, the wind, waste heat, and nuclear.[1] The current CEO and General Manager is Paul Sukut. A subsidiary of Basin Electric, Dakota Gasification Company, operates the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, which captures and sequesters nearly 50% of its carbon dioxide emissions in a system developed during the Carter administration. In 2005, the membership of Basin Electric passed a resolution requiring 10 percent of electricity demand to be provided by renewable forms of energy. At the end of 2009, Basin Electric finished construction on a 77 turbine wind energy project.[2]

Member cooperatives[edit]

Direct purchasing[edit]


Class D Members[edit]

States served by Basin Electric[edit]

Subsidiary companies[edit]

Board of directors[edit]

District Name Position Cooperative Director since
9 Peltier Wayne Peltier President Direct purchasing cooperatives 2008
1 PearsonKermit Pearson Vice President East River Electric 1997
2 DrostGary Drost Secretary/Treasury L & O Power 1999
6 RohrerRoberta Rohrer Assistant Secretary Central Montana Electric 2004
3 PresserTroy Presser Director Central Power Electric Cooperative 2015
4 ApplegateDon Applegate Director Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative 1997
5 BrekelLeo Brekel Director Tri-State G&T 2014
7 McQuistonMike McQuiston Director Rushmore Electric 2008
8 ThiessenAllen Thiessen Director Upper Missouri G&T 2012
10 BakerPaul Baker Director Powder River Energy Corporation 2013
11 GilbertCharlie Gilbert Director Corn Belt Power 2009


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