Basra Memorial

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Basra Memorial
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Basra Commonwealth War Memorial (4098449914).jpg
For First World War missing, presumed dead from the Mesopotamia campaign and have no known grave.
Unveiled 27 March 1929
Location 38R QU 44571 67122
near Zubayr, Iraq
Designed by Edward Prioleau Warren
Total commemorated
Statistics source: Cemetery Details. Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The Basra Memorial is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission war memorial near Zubayr, Iraq. The memorial commemorates 40,682 Commonwealth forces members who died during the Mesopotamian Campaign, from the Autumn of 1914 to the end of August 1921, and whose graves are not known. The memorial was designed by Edward Prioleau Warren. It was unveiled by Gilbert Clayton on 27 March 1929.[1]

Its present situation , in Iraq, and at the center of a war zone, is unclear and there is a apprehension that it is probably seriously damaged or even largely destroyed.[citation needed].

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