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A basse, made of cut bicycle rubber tubes, tied together into a ball. Photo: Lars Haugdal Andersen /

Basse is a Norwegian bag ball game, with roots before World War I.[1] Today basse is mostly played in the county of Trøndelag, but also spread to other countries.


The basse can be made with rings (two or three, up to eight). Use rubber band or old bicycle tyre. The basse is a bag ball, it should be round, but not bounce in any direction. The weight is about 70 - 100 grams.


Create fields (squares or circles) on any surface (gravel, tarmac, grass or indoors). Use your feet, chalk or spray paint to create the field, depending on the surface. First, draw the mid field circle. Diameter 1-1,5 metre. Make room, 30–40 cm between the next circles. You can have 4 to 8 fields around the center circle. The optimal number of players are 5-7, but 8-9 can play a game of basse, depending on the field and space available.

The overall goal is to defend your field (a circle) and to score goals on the other players. It is an individual sport and everyone plays against everyone. The game starts with a serve (not lower than the knee). If you concede a goal (i.e. the basse must land completely inside the circle and not touch the edge), you get one minus point. After 3 minus points you are out of the game. You must defend your circle and the players can hit the basse with all body limbs, except arms and hands.

The finale is played when there are two players left. ”The first goal wins”, regardless of the number of minus points each finalists has received before.

Some players practice rules for refereeing, dead squares, hand ball and penalty kicks. Basse tournaments are often held during the summer season.

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