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Martin Lindhe, 2008
Martin Lindhe, 2008
Background information
Birth nameMartin Lindhe
Born (1971-01-20) 20 January 1971 (age 53)
Borås, Sweden
GenresAmbient, new-age, trance, electronica, mood music
Occupation(s)Musician, Creative Director
Years active1991–present

Martin "Bassic" Lindhe (born 20 January 1971, Borås, Sweden) is a Swedish musician and composer, with a style that blends electronica, ambient and dance. His music is often progressive and suggestive in nature. He is best known for his string of hits on the music website, where he during a period of almost two years he was one of the most downloaded artists in the genres electronica, new age, mood music and progressive trance. He moved to the United States in 1999. In 2020, his family lost their house in Boulder Creek, California to the 2020 California wildfires and is as of February 2021 living in a rented house.[1] Lindhe is the great-grandchild of the Swedish composer Wilhelm Stenhammar.[2]


1991–1999: Early career[edit]

During his early years Bassic composed a flurry of songs, mostly using borrowed equipment. No music was published until after 1999, and many of these old recordings from this period were lost.

1999–2002: years[edit]

He originally uploaded his tracks to in the 1990s as a storage solution while moving from Sweden to the USA. Soon after, he was noticed by electronica lovers and gained a large following on By the time the service had been taken over by CNET, his tracks had been downloaded over 7 million times.[citation needed]

2002–2004: Independent years[edit]

During this period Lindhe mainly focused on his family and only released a collection of his most popular songs, with some new material, Daydreamer from his own private website. In 2002 Lindhe was nominated for Best Unsigned Artist and Yahoo! Internet Life's "Internet Music Awards" in New York City.

2004–2007: DMI years[edit]

After noticing Lindhe's success at, Digital Musicworks International persuaded Lindhe to join their roster.[3] After signing with DMI, Lindhe composed and released Brighter Than the Sun, one of his most appreciated and best-selling releases to date. In 2007, Lindhe left DMI claiming they had failed to fulfill their contract with him.[citation needed]

2007–present: Independent years[edit]

Since 2007 Lindhe has been an independent publisher of his own music through iTunes Store, eMusic, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp.


  • The Complete Chronicles (Vol. 1-6) (1991-2003)
  • Daydreamer (2005)
  • Brighter Than The Sun (2006)
  • Omniom (2009)
  • Voco (2015)
  • Motus (2015)
  • Biochrome (2017)


Lindhe has self-recorded and produced all of his albums, and played all instruments that appear on them. Since 2006, he has exclusively made music using a high-end computer studio with software synthesizers and samplers.


Bassic songs have been licensed for commercial use with companies like Jovan Musk, Microsoft, The History Channel, U.S. Army and the Canadian game company BioWare.[citation needed]


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