Bath Ales

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Bath Ales
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1995
Headquarters Warmley, Bristol, England
Products Beer

Bath Ales is a brewery located in the town of Warmley, Bristol, north-west of Bath, England.


The brewery was established in 1995 by former employees of Smiles Brewery in Bristol.[1] Since that time, it has experienced steady growth, which included opening a new bottling plant in 2007.[2] On 1 July 2016 Bath Ales was acquired by Cornwall-based St Austell Brewery.[3]


The brewery uses an efficient steam-driven plant. Heat exchangers take the warmth naturally created by the fermentation process and use it to heat the water. The finished grain is then given to local farmers as livestock feed, while the finished hops and yeast are converted into fertiliser.[4]


The brewery uses simple label artwork, featuring a dashing hare. It brews eleven beers and a cider,[5] which are sold in cask, keg and bottle.[6]

Regular beers include Gem (4.1% abv), a best bitter; Barnsey (formerly Barnstormer) (4.5% abv), a dark bitter; Darkside (4.0% abv), a stout; Golden Hare (4.4% abv), a light ale; Ginger Hare (3.9% abv), a spicy ale; Wild Hare (5.0% abv), an organic golden pale ale; and Special Pale Ale (3.7% abv), a golden pale ale. The seasonal ales are Festivity (5.0% abv), a seasonal rum porter; Rare Hare (5.2% abv), a seasonal premium bitter; Summer's Hare (3.9% abv), a light hoppy beer; and Forest Hare (3.9% abv), a hoppy autumnal ale. Bounders (5.4% abv) and Bounders Traditional (6.0% abv), both ciders, complete the range.


The brewery has a number of tied pubs, mainly in the Bath and Bristol area. In Bristol these include; The Wellington, on the Gloucester Road, Horfield, Beerd in Cotham, Graze Bar & Chophouse on Queen Square and both Beerd and Colston Street Bar & Kitchen at the Colston Hall.

In Bath the brewery runs The Salamander, The Hop Pole and Graze Bar, Brewery & Chophouse. Along with The Swan at nearby Swineford.

Other locations include Graze Bar, Brasserie & Chophouse in Cirencester and Beerd in Oxford.


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