Batman Apollo

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Batman Apollo
AuthorVictor Pelevin
Publication date
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages512 pp

Batman Apollo (Russian: «Бэтман Аполло») is a novel by Victor Pelevin first published in 2013.[1][2]

The novel is a sequel to Pelevin's seven-year-old vampire novel, “Empire V“. The main character is the same - the young vampire Rama.[3] The vampires in the novel feed on "bablos," which is a kind of metaphysical concentrate of money, and they fool people with the help of glamour and discourse.[4] As the author writes: Glamour is sex expressed through money, discourse is sex that is lacking, expressed through money that is not.[5][6]


Rama is a young vampire who has already mastered the vampire craft, he already knows the basics: he can stealthily bite a person's neck, so that from the little red liquid all the secrets of that person's soul are revealed to him. As we already know from the first part of the novel - vampires rule the world.[7]

Now Rama faces another great challenge: trained as a diver, he plunges again and again into uncertainty, into the realm between life and death, and also meets the supreme vampire, the eternal Dracula, who shares with him the secrets of this world.

Modern culture in general, the actual world order as a whole (both in Russian and Western variants) in Pelevin evoke a passionate aversion. In generalized form, the essence can be conveyed as follows. There is an elite in the world, more or less understanding the essence of the processes taking place (the vampires and the Chaldeans chosen from among the people serving them), and the rest of humanity. The elite control people with discourse (ideological twaddle) and glamour (the cultural contentlessness of consumer society). Simply put, by messing with the minds of the average person. The media, the Internet, computer games, and so on serve the same purpose.[8]

The main intrigue of the novel is that in the Russian situation of social and legal disadvantage, these tools no longer work.[9]


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