Battle of Dawan Cheng

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Battle of Dawan Cheng
Part of the Soviet Invasion of Xinjiang
Date 1934
Location Dawan Cheng, Xinjiang
Result Chinese tactical victory
Chinese withdrawal

Taiwan Republic of China

Soviet Union Red Army
Russian Empire White Russian forces
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Gen. Ma Zhongying

Soviet Union Gen. Volgin

Russian Empire Gen. Bekteev
500 soldiers Dozens of armored cars and hundreds of soldiers
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy, entire column nearly wiped out

The Battle of Dawan Cheng (1934) occurred when Gen. Ma Zhongying's Chinese Muslim 36th Division encountered a Soviet Russian Army armoured car column. The 36th Division was withdrawing, chased by White Russian and Mongol troops and Chinese forces allied with them. The 36th Division wiped out nearly the entire column, after engaging the Russians in fierce, sometimes hand-to-hand combat, and knocked the wrecked Russian armored cars down the mountain. When a White Russian force showed up, Ma Zhongying withdrew.[1][2][3]


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