Battle of Deeg

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A map of the battle

The Battle of Deeg, fought on 13 November 1804, took place outside Deeg, now in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, India, then within the territories of the Maratha Empire. It was part of the Second Anglo-Maratha War. A force of the British East India Company led by Major General Fraser defeated a Maratha force. Fraser was himself mortally wounded in the attack. The British captured about 87 guns of the enemy's 160. British casualties were over 640 killed or wounded. Maratha casualties were estimated at over 2,000.[1]

The British loss was heavy - 643 killed and wounded," including General Fraser.[2]

The action was followed up by a Siege of Deeg Fort (11 – 24 December 1804).

In fiction[edit]


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