Battle of Grotniki

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Battle of Grotniki
Part of Hussite Wars
Date 4 May 1439
Location Grotniki, Poland
Result Royal army victory
Polish Hussites Polish royal army
Commanders and leaders
Spytek of Melsztyn Hińcza of Rogów

The Battle of Grotniki took place on May 4, 1439 in the vicinity of Grotniki Duże, a village near Nowy Korczyn, currently in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

The battle was fought between the Hussite confederates under Spytko of Melsztyn against the royal forces of King Władysław III of Poland under Hińcza of Rogów and de facto regent bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki. The defeat of the non-Catholic forces marked the end of militant Hussite movement in Poland and the beginning of a complete consolidation of power in the Polish Kingdom by bishop Zbigniew.


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Coordinates: 51°56′59″N 16°21′34″E / 51.949724°N 16.359415°E / 51.949724; 16.359415