Battle of Inlon River

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Battle of Inlon River
Part of the Nien Rebellion
Date February 19 Lantern Festival, 1867 0500--1800
Location Inlon River, Anlu, Hubei, China
Result Decisive Qing victory
Nien Rebels lost the entire Hubei region
 Qing Dynasty Nien rebels
Commanders and leaders
Qing dynasty Liu Mingchuan
Qing dynasty Bao Chao
Lai Wenguang
Ren Zhu
Niu Hongsheng
26,000 41,000
Casualties and losses
3,000 soldiers killed, both commanders KIA 8,000 killed
9000 surrendered
5,000 horses captured

The Battle of Inlon river was a major engagement of the Nien Rebellion, occurring in 1867 CE.