Battle of Lapua

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Battle of Lapua
Part of Finnish War

Positions at the battle
Date 14 July 1808
Location Lapua, Finland
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Johan Adlercreutz Nikolai Nikolaievitsch Rayevskij
4,700 4,100
Casualties and losses
180[1] 400[1]

The Battle of Lapua was fought between Swedish and Russian troops on 14 July 1808 at Lapua, Finland. The Russians had set up defences around Lapua. The Swedes tried to outflank and surround the defending Russians. The Björneborg Regiment under Georg Carl von Döbeln distinguished itself during the battle. In the end the Russians managed to retreat, but the victory was an important one for the Swedish as it allowed them to continue their offensive.


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Coordinates: 62°58′N 23°01′E / 62.967°N 23.017°E / 62.967; 23.017