Battle of Northampton (1264)

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Battle of Northampton
Part of Second Barons' War
Date April 1264
Location Northampton Castle
Result Monarchic victory, fall of Northampton Castle, capture of Simon de Montfort's son.
Pro-monarchy forces Anti-monarchy forces
Commanders and leaders

Henry III of England

Philip Marmion, 5th Baron Marmion of Tamworth
Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester

The Battle of Northampton was a battle in the Second Barons' War.

In April 1264 an encounter took place, as part of the Baron's War wherein Henry III of England besieged Simon de Montfort's supporters who were holed in at Northampton Castle. De Montfort mounted a rear-guard rescue attempt but on April 6, 1264 the castle fell and De Montfort's son (another Simon) was captured by the King's forces.

The participation of scholars in the recently established University of Northampton in the defence of the town led to the abolition of the university.

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Coordinates: 52°14′13″N 0°54′18″W / 52.237°N 0.905°W / 52.237; -0.905