Battle of Parkumäki

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Battle of Parkumäki
Part of the Russo-Swedish War (1788–90)
Date July 21, 1789
Location Parkumäellä, Finland
Result Swedish Victory
 Sweden Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Curt von Stedingk General Schultz
1,300 men 1,500 men
Casualties and losses
186 dead and wounded 200 dead
500 captured

The Battle of Parkumäki took place on July 21, 1789 during Gustav III's Russian War, Sweden won over the Russian Empire.

During the time when the Russian general Ivan Ivanovich Michelson pulled his forces back, the Swedish commander Curt von Stedingk with about 1,300 men started his offensive against the remaining Russian general Schultz and his 1,000 soldiers whom stood by Parkumäki, and another 500 by Puiko. On July 21, Stedingk flanked and overwhelmed the both Russian positions and conquered their artillery. The Russians lost 200 men killed, 130 wounded and 500 captured[1] during the fighting along with all their artillery, baggage and two standards lost to the Swedes, who suffered 186 men dead and wounded. Curt von Stedingk got promoted to major general after the victory.


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