Battle of Uttismalm

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Battle of Uttismalm
Part of the Gustav III's Russian War
Battle of Uttismalm.jpg
Gustav III in the battle of Uttismalm by Pehr Hilleström
Date June 28, 1789
Location Uttismalm, Finland
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Gustav III of Sweden
2,500 men 2,500 men
Casualties and losses
14 killed
88 wounded
100 killed
300 wounded

The Battle of Uttismalm took place on June 28, 1789 during Gustav III's Russian War, Sweden won over the Russian Empire.

The Swedish troops were in personal command of the king Gustav III and numbered about 2,500 men. The Russian troops were of equal size and lost 100 dead and about 300 wounded in the battle. The Swedes lost 14 men dead and 88 men wounded.


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This battle was one of the many battles the swedes (Swedish) fought